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Salesforce and AWS Skills Lead To Competitive Salaries

Whether you click or code there is a path for you, at train{ED} we focus on Skills with ROI over Degrees!

Salesforce and Amazon Certified Professionals are two of the most in-demand professions right now. At train{ED}, we help people get into lucrative Salesforce or Amazon careers and, most importantly, help you land your first job.

We provide a learning community and learning pathway to new tech skills. Our dedicated train{ers} together with train{ED} alumni, mentors, and coaches, help you learn the skills and build the relationships.

At train{ED}, we teach you new skills, and we help you find a new job and succeed in your new career!

Salesforce Administrator and Consultants

Salesforce Administrators (Admins for short) solve business problems by customizing the Salesforce Platform. They build, configure, and automate technology solutions to deliver business value. Core responsibilities include supporting users, managing data, and delivering actionable analytics. Jobs that you can do from home!

Or do you want to travel the world as a Salesforce Consultant, create experiences that people love to use, and solve complex business problems? No matter your passion, there is a Salesforce career for you!

Online Learning Portal

Mentorship & Coaching

Personal Career Services

A Community of Peers

Salesforce Developers and Architects

Salesforce Developers build applications with no-code and code without compromise. They deliver innovative customer experiences using a mix of Salesforce and industry-standard tools to solve complex business problems.

You will learn how to develop requirements, propose solutions and customize the Salesforce Platform using low-code tools and programming languages such as JavaScript and Apex.

Salesforce Full-Stack Development

Web Application Development Architecture

Apex Programming Fundamentals

Lightning Component Development, and more!

Amazon Web Services Developer Training

AWS is an amazing ecosystem. It democratized the way of building modern web applications. But the learning curve of learning and really mastering AWS can be steep!

It can be hard to really master AWS and building on AWS means using many different services. However, you will end up following the same best practices over and over again and we will show you these.

You will learn the essential AWS services and how you can get started building with AWS.

All major categories of services, Compute, Storage, Networking, etc..

From traditional computing to serverless computing

The important config options you need to know and more

The basics of modern infrastructure-as-code with CloudFormation, CDK, Serverless etc..

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